Tree Service

Houston Landscaping and Lawn Service also offers tree trimming, tree removal, and tree pruning services. Whether your trees need to be cut back, removed, or stabilized, our tree cutting experts are equipped for the job.

Standard Tree Trimming and Pruning

Many tree species benefit from regular pruning and trimming while others may need to be trimmed because branches are interfering with power lines and structures. In addition, trees suffering from infestations, rot, and other ailments may be at risk of dropping branches. No matter why a tree needs to be trimmed, it is of utmost importance to hire a tree professional for the job.

Not only are our tree professionals trained in safe tree trimming techniques and equipped with the right equipment, they are also aware of the trees' needs and committed to trimming trees with care.

Common reasons trees are trimmed:

  • Remove dead branches
  • Decorative trimming
  • Balance growth
  • Eliminate hazards
  • Minimize damage to nearby structures
  • Control growth
  • Remove infected or infested branches

Houston Storm Damage Involving Trees

With Housto''s history of storms, trees are often trimmed as a preventative measure before hurricanes and storms are forecast to strike. However, care must be taken to ensure that any preventative trimming is done appropriately with the tree's health and integrity considered.

After a storm rips through the area, Houston Landscaping and Lawn Service's phones begin ringing with requests for emergency tree service. Downed trees, fallen branches, and trees on the verge of toppling due to soggy soil are among the more common storm damage calls we receive. Because of the hazards involved, and because downed trees and branches often block roads, we offer emergency tree removal service.

Other Tree Services

Need a tree or stump removed? Need a tree shored up? Need to relocate a tree? Contact Houston Landscaping and Lawn Service. We can handle just about any landscaping project you require including tree and stump removal, bracing, and up-righting toppled trees.

Depending on the size of the tree, branch, or stump, trees and branches can be chipped onsite, sawed into logs, or hauled away to a tree recycler. If you'd like some of the wood chips for use as mulch or logs for firewood, let us know before we schedule the job so that we accommodate your request.

Contact: Houston Landscaping, 562 Gillete Street, Houston, Texas 77019, (713) 955-7959